Timber by EMSIEN 3 Ltd BG


March 17, 2015


Follow the story of Saman, a professional working woman whose father’s love and care has made her stubborn, albeit headstrong. Her conservative aunt, whose character is in complete contrast to Saman’s, often tries to reach out to her. Saman’s aunt comes with a proposal for her, of a man named Omar who is settled in USA but a divorcee. Her aunt decides not to tell Saman about Omar’s previous marriage. Since Saman’s stubbornness is well known in the family, her parents believe it best to get her married at this point in time and decide to accept Omar’s proposal for […]
March 17, 2015


The story of HUM’s new drama serial, Nikaah, revolves around Ayesha and Rohail, who are engaged to each other. Being first cousins, they spend their childhood in the same house and are quite close. Rohail has always dreamt of going abroad for higher studies and his dreams come true after he completes his schooling. With priorities and tastes changing with time, Rohail finds himself attracted to Zehra and marries her without letting his family know, fearing that they would not approve of it. What will be the reaction of his family on his return to Pakistan and will Ayesha ever […]
March 17, 2015

Meray Khuda

The story of HUM’s new drama serial “Meray Khuda” revolves around Tania and Yasir, whose wedding night turns into a nightmare, haunting them for the rest of their lives. Tania and Yasir decide to spend their wedding night in a hotel but Tania is kidnapped on their way to the hotel. The kidnapers only take Tania’s jewellery and set her free but in a conservative society like ours, nobody is willing to accept her including her husband and in-laws. Yasir looses all his interest in Tania and his aunt Safia takes full advantage of the situation and starts planning her […]