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March 10, 2015

Main Dewani

The story revolves around Hadia who has a rare mental illness called anotomina. Hadia’s grandmother keeps her under strict surveillance owing to her mental state. The story takes a turn when Hadia is attracted to her cousin Zamin who is engaged. He breaks off his engagement to marry Hadia. The break-up impacts the family’s attitude towards the couple and Hadia feels responsible for this and starts to avoid Zamin. To find out how Hadia’s mental state impacts her life, watch Mein Deewani Visit our Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/humtvpakistan Visit our YouTube Channel: www.youtube.com/humnetwork Visit our Dailymotion Channel: www.dailymotion.com/humtv Director: Abbis Raza […]
March 10, 2015

Shab e Zindagi

‘Shab e Zindagi’ is a story of a middle-class girl, Mariam, who was married to Yasir at a very young age. Yasir is going through financial crisis and lives in a house with his brother and sister-in-law along with his children and wife. The story takes a twist when Mariam’s cousin Asad returns from abroad and marries Mariam’s younger sister, Nazia. Asad uses his marriage to get close to Mariam, who he has been in love with for six years. Meanwhile, fate deals them an unexpected hand. What will be the outcome of Mariam’s life? To know the answer, watch […]
March 9, 2015

Khoya Khoya Chaand

The protagonist of “Khoya Khoya Chaand”, Arib, is an obedient and responsible young man who is the only offspring of his parents. He lives away from his hometown owing to his job. Ahmarain is studying at a college and lives in a hostel near him. Arib falls madly in love with her but she soon leaves the hostel and goes back home. The story gathers momentum when Arib is forced to marry because of his mother’s ill-health and finds out that Ahmarain is the younger sister of his wife Anghan. Anghan is in love with her cousin and does not […]