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March 10, 2015

Halki si Khalish

The story of ‘Halki si Khalish’ revolves around Waheed’s two daughters; Rabia and Rania. Rania’s love, Behzad, sends a marriage proposal for her but owing to a misunderstanding the proposal is accepted for Rabia. Instead Behzad can’t muster the courage to tell the truth to his mother and Rania is unable to bear this situation. By the time she bears all to mother, it is too late. To make matters worse, the family gets caught in the grip of another havoc. What will become of Rabia and Rania’s lives? To find out, watch “Halki si Khalish” Visit our Facebook Page: […]
March 10, 2015


Kadurat is the story of a girl, Meera, whose mother abandons her when she is eight. Her father remarries to a mother of two and Meera is to accept them as her new family. Unable to bear this, Meera creates problems for her step family owing to which, Meera’s father sends her off to a hostel. She is heartbroken and takes her father with a vengeance. When she returns home after completing her education, she tries everything she can to deliberately create problems for her family. Will she ever be able to reconcile herself to her new family? Visit our […]
March 10, 2015

Aisay Jalay Jiya

Aisay Jalay Jiya is a story about a materialistic woman Aman, who sacrifices the happiness of her children for her lust. Aman has a daughter and a married son. Her son-in-law desires to work abroad but doesnt have the finances required for travel. He pressurizes his wife for money but when she asks her mother for it. She puts in stake the happiness of her son by playing with the lives of her daughter in law. Aman saves the marriage of her daughter but what happens to her family? To find out, watch Hum TVs new drama serial Aise Jalay […]